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Dispersed camping refers to camping outside of designated campground and in many areas it is allowed. BLM, National Forest service, and State lands all have a dispersed camping policy. This provides the opportunity for overflow camping. But in general it provides the camper the opportunity to find and camp in some amazing spots around the state.

The policy varies by agency and by area but in general some basic guidlines apply.
  • You may camp no more that 14 days during any 60 consecutive day period.
  • You may not camp near developed campgrounds, picnic areas or trailheads.
  • You may not camp in posted areas closed to camping.
  • Special fire regulations may be in effect in the area you wish to camp, be sure to know them.
  • Regulations govern how close you may camp to a water source such as a river, lake, or stream. These vary by region and by governing body.
  • Practice leave no trace camping.
  • Campers are encouraged to seek sites which have seen previous camping use, to reduce impacts to forest values.

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